My practice is a visual exploration of change. I'm heavily influenced by my experiences with shamanic journeying and psychoanalysis.In the quest to render the relationship between earth and psyche, my work endeavors to reconcile external and internal phenomena, recognizing their inherent oneness and interplay. Some of my pieces are imbued with the tension of a confronting decision, while others simultaneously setting the scene for a moment of transcendence.A profound reverence for nature’s complex, entropic perfection is the animist intensity that is integral to my process. 

Paula Camacho is a Colombian-born Miami-raised multidisciplinary artist based in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from the University of Central Florida in the Fall of 2019 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a Minor in Digital Design. Paula's work has been featured in 15 publications. She was an artist in residence at the New York Academy of Art (NYC, 2019), Elsewhere Studios (Paonia CO, 2023), Art District on Santa Fe (Denver, CO), 2023), and she has participated in a number of exhibitions and festivals throughout the US. Paula is currently working toward expanding her mural portfolio, and is training to become a permanent tattoo artist

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